Loy Surveys get trained up on the ZEB1

8th December 2015

In December we visited Loy Surveys in Glasgow to carry out additional training for the team. We met up with 3 members of the survey team at their Glasgow HQ to bring them up to speed with using the ZEB1, uploading data and viewing their results.

Loy Surveys makes up part of the larger Ogilvie Group, and operates both in the UK and overseas, undertaking surveys for a range of customers including contractors, architects, engineers, local authorities, estate developers, oil companies, utilities and central government agencies.

Such a diverse range of applications demands a survey solution that is quick, versatile, simple to operate by multiple team members, often in challenging environments. The survey team were impressed with the speed and ease of use of the ZEB1. We wish them much success with their use of the ZEB1 in their future surveying work.